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Druginformer is pleased to announce the release of our new workbench. For a limited time, this workbench will be available for free public usage. All that is required is a monthly response to an email asking you to evaluate your experience using the workbench and to provide any feedback on potential enhancements. This feedback will be critical in helping guide the Druginformer team to add the features necessary to help make your research easier and more meaningful.


For a limited time, the workbench will be available completely free of charge!

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Advanced Metrics

The workbench also gives access to additional metrics, providing a deeper understanding to the data.


Advanced features include the ability to filter both FDA and social media adverse event reports by reporting time, conditions being treated, and patient demographic data.


In addition, the workbench provides tools to enable researchers to generate reports using the different hierarchical terms present in the MedDRA ontology.


Export tables, charts and other useful data in the report to your computer for further research.